“Donald, Where’s Your Trewsers?” Oh my. I will never be able to stop laughing long enough to read a Maureen Johnson book. I love this a little too much.


Will this video ever release me from its MAGNETIC HOLD on my soul? Will I ever be free? Do I want to be free? No, reader. I do not. I will happily watch this video every day until I die, and then I will start watching it twice a day.

What makes it so good? It’s so hard to say. One doesn’t want to take it apart and destroy the strange magic. I know where it first got me, though. It’s when the music goes to the bridge and you get the shot of little Stuart high-stepping it across the highlands. Something inside of me comes alive when I see that, some pulsing beast, some flower, something real and potent. 

I don’t want Stuart to age. I want to keep him forever, just as he is. Perhaps he will still have the magic at fifteen or sixteen … I don’t want to write him off … but I feel that THIS is his moment.

Reflect for a moment on his future, when everyone he ever meets finds this video online. Think of Stuart. What will he say? No. He’s not safe with The Others. They will not be kind. He must come to live with us immediately, and we must put him in the Tank of Special Things, where he will be safe. Come to us, Stuart. Come live in the tank …

I haven’t had much sleep the last few days, fyi.