Coming June 30, 2012

Highland soldier Callum MacDonell battled lowland Covenanters at the service of the King. Now charged with hunting an assassin, his journey would lead not to justice, but to a murderer’s passionate Covenanter sister, Mari McEwan.  Betrayed and abandoned by the man she loved, Mari faced judgment by a tribunal of her people demanding she name…

War, passion mark ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ –

War, passion mark ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ – In between, the pair dodge bombs and bullets that at times serve as a dangerous backdrop for their sexual encounters (played with gusto, and a fair amount of nudity, by the film’s stars). “It’s about storytelling, what was necessary to show the heat that existed between them… Well, I think the main point here is that you don’t need a fancy gym membership. And if you can get Arrow dude to shoot your Hostess Sno Balls before they get to your mouth, you’ve got yourself a diet plan. (Source: