I was made for times long past, for castles and dragons and knights in shining armor.

I’m in discussions with the husband about why I would wish to go to Scotland for the third time in four years. (I got a fantastic deal to Ireland last year, so I skipped a year. It worked out beautifully: we got to visit all of the locations for films set in Scotland.) I mean, seriously, who (besides my beloved golfer—oh, yeah, he’s an avid golfer and still fails to hear the siren call to the links courses of Scotland) would not want to go to Scotland early and often?

Eilean Donan Castle (by JD’s Photography)

I love this cover! So I bought the book. I’m just that shallow.

(And the blurb and sample looked good.)



Conceptual Illustrtions by Tim O’Brien

1. Realism

2. Ship World

who else saw the first pic and thought of Narnia – the Dawn Treader

(it’s my favorite Narnia book and I still haven’t seen the movie btw i dunno why)