When we asked [Tom Hardy] about Forrest Bondurant, the mumbling, masculine bootlegger with a surprisingly soft centre, Hardy told us, “Forrest is a matriarch, he’s a mother. I don’t think it’s being macho, I don’t think that’s what masculinity is.”

So how did the bulky Brit get into character as the cigar-chewing Prohibition bad boy? Studying historical tomes? Going method? “No, I watch Come Dine With Me!”

(via Tom Hardy says Lawless character was inspired by Come Dine With Me | TotalFilm.com)

I think I love Tom Hardy just a little bit more now. (And what a nice job he does with the accent!)

I got hooked on Come Dine With Me while in Scotland a few years ago. Ever since, on my annual visits to the U.K. and Ireland, I return to my hotel room at the end of the day, put my feet up, and sip a beverage while watching it. I don’t know why, but it just entertains me. However, I seem to have missed the episode with this particular character. But I will tell you one thing, Tom Hardy knows what masculinity is.

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