A storm is coming

Vikings: Behind the Scenes Cinema Spot (by historychannel)

But my real takeaway from this is how just plain refreshing it is to sit down on a Sunday evening and watch people whose hair is more dirty and tangled than my own.

VIKINGS TV Show – Exclusive Opening Sequence [HD]: New History Channel Original Series (by ENTV)

You know, as rough and gnarly as those Viking men are, they sing with a surprisingly under-supported and breathy tone.

(Just kidding. I love the music.)

Allo allo


I’m planning on watching the complete series of Spooks. But mainly because of Richard Armitage so I don’t really know what else to expect from it. Is it any good? Is it worth watching?


Uh, YEAH! And while you’re waiting for Richard Armitage, you’ll have Matthew Macfadyen and Rupert Penry-Jones to distract you.


The story of my daily culinary life.

Irish Morning – Cong Ireland (by todaniell)