Romeo And Juliet TRAILER 1 (2013) – Hailee Steinfeld, Paul Giamatti Movie HD (by MOVIES Coming Soon)

Re: Comments

Shh! Don’t tell me how it ends! I mean, it’s happy right?  😉

The thing is, there are process people and there are product people. I can watch Romeo and Juliet again and again and never tire of it (because I am fortune’s fool). I will always immerse myself in the story and enjoy the process, all the while hoping it will all work out. I know that must sound like a nightmare for some, if not most, of you. I fully respect that. But I will always be that person in the back of the theater with a soggy Kleenex and tears in her popcorn bucket.

At the same time, the other half of my brain is analyzing the dramatic elements, the language, structure, theme, pacing, conflict, character development, acting, etc.; all of which teach me about writing and, especially with Shakespeare, life.