Folk Soul Revival – Sweet Virginia on the new stage @ The Hangar during Hale-Raiser 4 Brandon Hale – YouTube

Folk Soul Revival – Sweet Virginia on the new stage @ The Hangar during Hale-Raiser 4 Brandon Hale – YouTube. There was a fantastic turnout for this fund raiser concert, which speaks well for the kind of guy Brandon Hale is. Brandon’s got quite a journey ahead, so I hope you’ll consider contributing to help him on his journey by clicking this link.

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For sale: Drambuie the iconic Scottish liqueur – The Scotsman

I’m a few book sales short of the market value, or I’d make an offer. 😉   by JANE BRADLEY 23 May 2014 ITS recipe was gifted to a clan chief by Bonnie Prince Charlie as a reward for helping him while he was on the run after defeat at the Battle of Culloden. Now Scottish liqueur brand Drambuie is to be sold by the family who have owned it for 100 years… For sale:…

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Scottish fact of the week: Black Agnes – The Scotsman

    WOMEN have tended to be bit-part players in the histories of Scotland. With exception to those of royal descent – Mary, Queen of Scots being a famous example – and the infamous witch trials of centuries past, it would be fair to say the roles of women have been underplayed. Black Agnes is an exception. So-called because of her unusual olive complexion and dark hair, Agnes (or Agnes Randolph, Countess of Dunbar and…

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Costume Dramas

Zhang Yimou’s historical romance is heartbreaking in its depiction of ordinarily lives affected by political upheaval.

Maggie Lee @maggiesama Filmmaking doesn’t get more traditional or timeless than Chinese master Zhang Yimou’s “Coming Home,” a family drama of guilt, love and reconciliation set during the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution. Heartbreaking in its depiction of ordinary lives affected by political upheaval, this ode to the fundamental values that survive even under such dire circumstances has an epic gravity that recalls another great historical romance, “Doctor Zhivago.” While younger viewers may find Zhang’s…

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