Scottish word of the week: Deoch-an-doris - The Scotsman


Everyone has uttered the term ‘one for the road’ at at least one point in their lives, and the word of the week, (technically it’s three words if you’re being pedantic) references the tradition and ceremony the Scots have made of this term.

Deoch-an-doris which literally translates as ‘Drink of the door’ is the Scots term for the practice of providing one last drink for their guest before they would leave for the long journey home.

Traditionally, this would entail the pouring of a parting dram, more often than not in a stirrup cup (literally a small cup given when the departing parties feet were in the stirrups of their horse), or small quaich, and a toast.

Nowadays though, you’re more likely to hear “Deoch-an-doris?” as a slurred question in a local pub, through which an over inebriated regular might chance his arm to gain one more drink before he is kicked out to go home and sleep it off.

Scottish word of the week: Deoch-an-doris – The Scotsman.

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