Snowy Day Music

  Oh the snow it melts the soonest when the winds begin to sing; And the corn it ripens fastest when the frosts are setting in; And when a young man tells me that my face he’ll soon forget, Before we part, I’d bet a crown, he’d be fain to follow it yet. Oh the snow it melts the soonest when the winds begin to sing; And the swallow skims without a thought as long…

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This Day in History

January 24, 76 AD, Roman Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus, known for his wall, was born on this day in history. But the History Channel’s lead story is: January 24, 1935, First Canned Beer Goes on Sale. Haha [amusement added]. According to Wikipedia: In 122 he initiated the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. The wall was built, “to separate Romans from barbarians,” according to the Historia Augusta (Augustan Histories).[33]

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books Writers

BBC News – Lower Bockhampton Kingston Maurward housing development plans dropped

Plans for a housing development near the old home of Dorset author Thomas Hardy have been dropped. Kingston Maurward College wanted to build 70 houses on parkland at Lower Bockhampton, near Dorchester. It said “several important issues” were raised during the consultation and it was withdrawing the plans. The Open Spaces Society, which had campaigned against the development, said Hardy would have “breathed a sigh of relief”. The author was born at Higher Bockhampton in…

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