Goodbye, Summer.

Sea Song “Sea Song” by Norah Mary Holland (1876-1925); Gwyneth Van Anden Walker, Composer I will go down to the sea again, to the waste of waters, wild and wide; I am tired–so tired–of hill and plain and the dull tame face of the country-side. I will go out across the bar, with a swoop like the flight of a sea-bird’s wings, To where the winds and the waters are, with their multitudinous thunderings. My prow shall furrow…

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Lightning strikes a stone chamber, thrusting cyclist Violet Quinn back in time. Emerging in historic Scotland, her life is at risk as she searches for a way home. Gallant knight Robert de Mallay is on the most important mission of his life: protecting an ancient secret. He detours to rescue a beguiling young woman in peril. Now both are in danger as they fight off pursuers, all the while knowing that completing the mission will part them forever. Their…

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