Samuel Barber

Sunday’s Outlander episode reminded me of how much I love Samuel Barber’s music. It also completely yanked me out of the story, so that was unfortunate. But back to Samuel Barber. I never met a suspension I didn’t love—let alone open fourths and fifths—so his music always grips, moves, and transports me to that place only the arts can take you. So if you loved Adagio for Strings, listen to this and follow Agee’s text…

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GIANT food stores to use in-store robots at all locations – WFMZ

Do they really have so many spills at Giant food stores that they need a robot for cart traffic rerouting? ‘Cause I’m not sure I want to shop in a store where I’m likely to wind up in a slip and fall with Marty staring down all googly-eyed at me. #CleanUpOnAisle3 GIANT food stores will begin introducing a new robotic assistant to all of its 172 stores. Source: GIANT food stores to use in-store robots at…

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