A simple mistake, a surprising proposal, and her sensible life spirals out of control.

Allie arrives at her fourth wedding reception of the summer.  Yet another couple has taken a leap forward in life, while her own life is stuck in a holding pattern. Distracted, she walks into the wrong restroom and makes eye contact with a good-looking, if startled, man.

After her hasty retreat, she spies a high-backed chair by the fireplace perfect for hiding while she regains her composure. As she sinks into it with a sigh, the matching chair beside hers swivels around to reveal Bathroom Door Guy.

Theo gave up dreams of college to take over the guardianship of his ten-year-old brother. With his brother now grown, Theo looks at his life and finds something missing. Then Allie walks into his life.

The two share a moment of shock, then something unexpected happens—they talk easily. That’s how Allie’s sort-of boyfriend, Justin, finds her—laughing and drinking champagne. After a quick introduction, Justin leads her back to the reception, where he drops to one knee and proposes.

Time stops. Justin waits for an answer, and Allie can’t breathe. Someone whips out a phone and records it. Her answer goes viral. In the small coastal town of Pine Harbor, Allison’s life has just turned upside down.

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