The 5 Most Beloved Sweet Romance Novel Tropes of 2023

It’s 2023 and romance readers are embracing the novels of a new era. Classic tropes with a fresh, modern look have become especially popular. Let’s explore the five most beloved sweet romance novel tropes so far this year.

The first trope is that of forbidden love—filled with danger and mystery, characters from different social classes, races, or family backgrounds connect in a way that cannot be revealed to the outside world.

The second trope is that of a reunion romance—two characters who were separated for years suddenly find themselves back in each other’s lives, and must face whether their love can survive the test of time.

The third trope is the wealthy hero—this type of character sweeps the heroine off her feet, with wealth and power providing solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Fourthly, childhood friends-to-lovers is a classic story. A deep bond between two characters since childhood finally blossoms into something more—a beautiful story of love that has been long in the making.

Lastly, opposites attract—two people from different walks of life find themselves drawn to each other despite their differences, creating an enchanting tale of contrast and passion.

Some of the most beloved sweet romance stories of 2023 embrace these five tropes—all brimming with conflict, passion, and love.

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