Not quite what I had in mind…

It was supposed to be an AI-generated image of a beautiful bride in the Scottish Highlands encountering a handsome eighteenth century Scottish laird on horseback. Although he does have rather sinewy legs. All four of them.

Updated Highland Vow Book Trailer

I’ve just updated the Highland Vow trailer to match the latest cover. To be honest, I don’t know whether readers even care about book trailers, but I enjoy making them, so…

New Cover Reveal!

Sometimes the book you finish writing has veered off from the book you started writing. As much as I love the original cover, it’s no longer the best fit for the book. So behold: the new cover for Once Upon a Winter!

New Audiobook!

Sunlight on Cedar Creek is now available in audiobook! See the book page for updated links as it goes live in online stores. I’m hoping to roll out the contemporary summer books by June. If that goes well, I’ll work my way through the remaining contemporaries by the end of September. So stay tuned for […]

Now Available on Audiobook!

You can now get Work-Crush Balance in audiobook format! This short story was the perfect project to experiment with digital voice narration. I’m really pleased with the outcome. I got started down this road because I struggle with horrendous insomnia. Among other things, it has really interfered with my writing. When I’m foggy-headed from lack […]