Cover: Evelyn’s Pine Harbor Autumn


They’re meant for each other. They just don’t know it yet.

At seventeen, Eve Parker was thrust into life as a single mother. Her heart had betrayed her, but she’d learned her lesson. Love wasn’t for her. Life became all about raising her daughter, but now that her daughter is starting college, Eve’s world is shifting.

Dylan Vaughan can’t remember when he didn’t love Eve—but always from afar. In high school, he’d mustered the courage to tell her, but it was too late.

Eve’s life had veered off course, and he’d buried his feelings. Now fate has brought them together. The timing is right, the heart-pounding attraction is there, but the wounds of the past pose an impossible hurdle. Some say there’s safety in numbers, but these two feel safer alone.

A future together looks hopeless, until Eve’s loyal, somewhat quirky, and decidedly goal-oriented friends intervene. They all agree that Eve and Dylan belong together, so it’s up to them to make it happen. There’s just the slight matter of how.

In the small coastal town of Pine Harbor, Eve’s autumn has changes in store.

Get your copy and see why author J.L. Jarvis’s sweet small town romances have delighted thousands of readers.

"Jarvis weaves together two stories--a budding romance and a second chance at love. Eve Parker has spent the last eighteen years raising her daughter, Lydia, alone, but when Eve's well-meaning friends step in, she finds she might be ready to face the past and embrace new love. Filled with likable characters, Pine Harbor is the kind of place readers will want to visit again and again." Stefanie B., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing