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Predictions For Book Publishing In 2014: Cutting-Room Floor Edition (via Forbes)

Hmm…what do you think? I’ve highlighted my favorites, which is not to say I necessarily agree with them:

  • Publishers create or license their own e-reading apps.

  • Public libraries will increasingly buy access to large aggregations of ebooks.

  • Publisher margins will be under pressure.

  • Number of non-bookstores selling books will increase.

  • More publishers will start to sell ebooks directly to readers.

  • Self-publishing will continue to grow even as ebook sales at publishers stagnate.

  • Amazon will continue to expand into publishing books.

  • Shift to tablets and smartphones will have a negative effect on ebook sales.


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(via The Shifting Landscape of Book Reviews)

This is a nice little overview of a handful of popular book review blogs. I do have a question about the graphic, though. I can’t quite tell whether the reader is reading:

(a) an indie book;

(b) a book review blog;

(c) the ebook bestseller list; or

(d) today’s price for pork bellies.

Ins and Outs of Publishing Your Book via the Web –

Ins and Outs of Publishing Your Book via the Web –