Charlotte Bronte: A Fiery Heart by Claire Harman puts her unrequited romance at the center of her creative life

LA Times book review – LA Times After encouraging Charlotte’s talents, Constantin Heger, who has been teaching her French literature, has grown more formal, signaling that he “will never see her in a romantic light.” Ultimately, Harman writes, he will “cost her two years of intense heartache, humiliation and futile hope.” As she recounts in a letter to her sister Emily and, later, in the novel “Villette,” Charlotte wanders forlornly into a cathedral, an unfamiliar…

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Wuthering Heights

You can never have too many Wuthering Heights adaptations. Wuthering Heights: ‘There comes a point when you have to put the book down’ As the Gate presents a fresh adaptation of Emily Brontë’s classic of passion (or hysterical excess, depending on your outlook), a new Heathcliff and Catherine get to grips with our expectations and their interpretations Wuthering Heights: ‘There comes a point when you have to put the book down’.

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An error in the headstone of British novelist and poet, Anne Bronte’s, grave has finally been corrected after 164 years of her passing. Bronte who is credited with two novels, Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, died on 28 May, 1849 in Scarborough, after battling pulmonary tuberculosis. She was 29. But the headstone at her grave in St Mary’s Churchyard said that she was 28. Keeping in tune with her approaching 164th death…

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