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It’s not that words fail me. It’s just that, well, I’m going to invoke the legal doctrine of res ipsa loquitur.

Mr Darcy emerges from the lake once again: Giant Colin Firth statue built in London’s Hyde Park

Colin Firth’s memorable wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice has been recreated thanks to a giant statue of Mr Darcy which has been built in The Serpentine.

The fibreglass sculpture, which closely resembles Firth, stretches 12ft out of the water at London’s Hyde Park.

The image of Firth emerging dripping wet from the lake at Lyme Park, Cheshire featured in the 1995 BBC adaption of the Jane Austen novel.

The scene, which caused a stir at the time, recently topped a viewers’ poll of the most memorable TV moments ever.

The model of Darcy took a team of three sculptors in excess of two months to design, construct and paint.

Lead sculptor Toby Crowther said: “The challenge for us was capturing the spirit of Darcy as handsome and noble but also aloof and proud. The Mr Darcy sculpture is a real mix of the many portrayals of Jane Austen’s most famous hero.”

The sculpture will tour a number of locations before being installed in Lyme Park, where it will remain until February.

Adrian Wills, general manager of Drama, said: “Jane Austen spent a lot of time walking in Hyde Park and along the banks of the Serpentine, so we would like to think she would have approved of our new dashing Darcy.”

The statue has been built to celebrate today’s launch of new UKTV channel Drama, a free-to-air station on Sky and Freeview.



Inspired by College Humor’s funny punctuation marks, I made some for the romance-loving amongst us.  I think we can all agree that we need a Darcy mark, at the least.

Oh, god, this is beautiful. The “Turgid Throbbing” and “Purple Prose” marks are ones that would LIVE on our blogs.

— The Wife