“Story of Costume Drama” Trailer (by AcornMediaUS)

Peer behind the ornate clothing, sprawling manors, and addictive story lines that have riveted millions of television viewers. Featuring interviews with the writers, directors, and stars of iconic productions, this series reveals how the often controversial sagas altered the television landscape and launched the careers of many young actors.

From 1955’s fanciful Adventures of Robin Hood to 2007’s racy Fanny Hill, costume dramas have toppled taboos and quickened pulses. Programs like Edward & Mrs. Simpson ruffled establishment feathers, while popular series Upstairs, Downstairs and The Forsyte Saga emptied pubs, wrecked social calendars, and forced vicars to revise parish schedules. Narrated by Keeley Hawes (Wives and Daughters) and seen on PBS, it’s required viewing for any fan of British television.