Highland Passage

Physics 101: Understanding time travel and why we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility

“Paradoxes are yet another reason for why time travel seems like science fiction and is easily dismissed as a real possibility by most people. However, there is a work around to this and it involves parallel universes and alternate timelines. Specifically, some theoreticians speculate that if you could indeed manage to time travel you would not be part of the same universe you left from, but rather create an entirely different one upon your arrival.”


(via Physics 101: Understanding time travel and why we shouldn’t dismiss the possibility)

These are the sorts of things that made my head hurt while writing my time travel romances, Highland Passage and Knight Errant.

Stone Chamber from Highland Passage by J.L. Jarvis

The Highland Passage stone chamber. A few years ago, I was able to walk inside this stone chamber, but it has since caved in. (The third photo has been brightened to show the interior.)

Highland Passage Stone Chamber, Putnam County, NY 5/2/15 Copyright © J.L. Jarvis 2015
Highland Passage Stone Chamber, Putnam County, NY 5/2/15 (Second image has been brightened to show interior.) Copyright © J.L. Jarvis 2015


I’m doing something different. I saw this gorgeous predesigned cover by the brilliantly talented Ravven, who has done all of my Scottish book covers, and I fell in love with it. I’m going to work backwards and write the next Highland Passage book (title pending) to go with the cover. What do you think it should be about?

*Typing* Chapter One. Scotland 1559…

I take my fact-checking seriously.


Eilean Donan Castle Yesterday, 7/15/14
Eilean Donan Castle Yesterday, 7/15/14

The gentleman at the Eilean Donan Castle ticket booth was so nice when I asked about the tidal times and depth of the water. He assured me that in Highland Passage, Ciarán and Mac would indeed have needed a boat to get across to the castle even at low tide. He checked a schedule inside the ticket booth for the exact time when the tide is the lowest, and then showed me how high the water gets at high tide.

Cover Reveal!

Coming this Summer 


What would you risk to find love?

MacKenzie Cooper is through with romance. On her way home from another blind date arranged by her well-meaning sister, she is caught in a snowstorm. White-knuckling it on the winding road home, Mackenzie loses control of her car, crashing into the rocky hillside.

When a rugged Scotsman pulls her to safety, Mackenzie is sure she must be hallucinating. Through the storm’s fury, he takes her to shelter in one of the mysterious stone chambers scattered throughout the county. Snowbound, Mackenzie must wait out the storm with this strange, kilted man who claims to be a Highlander from eighteenth century Scotland. By morning, she not only believes Ciarán MacRae, but has lost her heart just in time for him to kiss her, promise his love—and then vanish.

Unable to forget him, Mackenzie returns again and again to the stone chamber, hoping to unlock the secret that took Ciarán from her. But if she does, she will have to decide whether her fierce feelings for Ciarán are worth abandoning all that she knows to travel through time to find her gallant Scotsman.

Cover by Ravven