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January 24, 76 AD, Roman Emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus, known for his wall, was born on this day in history. But the History Channel’s lead story is: January 24, 1935, First Canned Beer Goes on Sale. Haha [amusement added].

According to Wikipedia:

In 122 he initiated the construction of Hadrian’s Wall. The wall was built, “to separate Romans from barbarians,” according to the Historia Augusta (Augustan Histories).[33]

History Channel Conjures Adrien Brody for ‘Houdini’ Miniseries

History Channel Conjures Adrien Brody for ‘Houdini’ Miniseries

Vikings: The Real Vikings (by historychannel)

The Takeaway:

  • The Vikings raped and pillaged with a sense of morality.
  • They respected women (in their full-blooded, rapey sort of way).
  • They left their DNA all over the world (but they must have mopped up afterward, because they were preoccupied with being clean and, of course, with presentation).

Which is not to say that I don’t love the show! I do. But in real life, I might not have enjoyed a chance viking encounter, holding as I do to a somewhat higher standard of respect for women).