Jack the Ripper Unmasked

Via By RUSSELL EDWARDS FOR MAIL ON SUNDAY WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jack the Ripper unmasked: How amateur sleuth used DNA breakthrough to identify Britain’s most notorious criminal 126 years after string of terrible murders DNA evidence on a shawl found at Ripper murder scene nails killer By testing descendants of victim and suspect, identifications were made Jack the Ripper has been identified as Polish-born Aaron Kosminski Kosminski was a suspect when the Ripper murders took place…

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The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson I don’t usually read YA (mainly because I’m an OA), but my daughter ordered this for a presentation she’s doing in library school (well, technically, it’s called “information studies”, and she’s getting a master’s this weekend under the If You Can’t Get a Job, Get Another Degree plan). She knows about things. Book things. So I fully intend to casually walk into her room and distract her…

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