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The Stone Chambers of Putnam County

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THE STONE CHAMBERS OF PUTNAM COUNTY inspired my time travel romance story THIS MOMENT, which appears in THE KISS: AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT LOVE AND OTHER CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. It has since been developed into the novel, HIGHLAND PASSAGE. I live near many of these stone chambers. They have always intrigued me. For my story, I thought they might make good time travel portals. Below are some articles with some background information.


Putnam’s Mysterious Chambers of Stone – NY Times

Last Word: Putnam’s Stone Chambers

New England Antiquities Research Association – Contains the following links, which show what I envisioned for the stone chamber in THIS MOMENT:

From Lisa Grashow: Whangton Rd. Chamber ~ Putnam County & Winter Chamber ~ Putnam County

From Scott Brown: Putnam County Chamber I & Putnam County Chamber II

From Edward Bochnak: Kent Cliff Chamber

Stonemason James Vieira of Ashfield studies ‘mound builders,’ ancient stonework – masslive.com

Druid Stone Chambers of New York State

Mixing Mystery, History: Putnam’s Stone Chambers


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