Coming Soon: The Kiss

I’ve just submitted THIS MOMENT, my contribution to an anthology called THE KISS, which is coming out in February. THIS MOMENT is a Scottish time travel that I’m planning to develop into a series. I’m very excited about the anthology, which will include work of some author friends whose writing I admire.

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ve already received an advance reading copy.  🙂


My heroine in PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE is triumphantly curvy, overcoming a rough start when she was labeled the Scottish sausage. My hero loves every luscious curve.  But the cover artists didn’t—so here’s my skinny heroine in the stepback.

Another unfortunate case of palette dysmorphic disorder.

So I told him, if you really loved me, you would call me “Sassenach”… Apparently he wasn’t my Jamie Fraser after all.

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