On the rocky coastline of a Maine fishing village, two people find hope in each other. But their undeniable attraction is on a collision course with their past.

Jess Pelletier’s life has spun out of control. Her ex-fiancé has broken her heart and the bank—or at least her account—and she’s just been laid off. So she takes a bold step. The Maine fishing village of Applecross Cove looks like the perfect refuge for her to retreat and reset her life.

When Mark Breton’s realtor aunt sends him to Jess with the lease and the key to Jess’s house, the key to her heart isn’t supposed to be part of the deal. But the guy’s pretty hard to ignore. With a heart that’s gone rogue, Jess desperately clings to her plan to build a new independent life and business.

Fate hasn’t given Mark very much reason to trust, but he’s come to terms with the accident that derailed his dreams years ago. When his affection for Jess brings his heart back to life, the past comes along with it and looms between them. Now they’ll both have to confront it before it shatters their one chance at love.

Grab your copy and see why author J.L. Jarvis’s sweet small town romances have delighted thousands of readers.