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When her Christmas cheer meets his Christmas sneer, the resulting sparks rival her lighting display.

Unemployed artist Chloe Burke has just finished a temp job when a letter arrives from a lawyer. Her estranged great-aunt Eleanor has died and left Chloe a secluded mountain cabin and a modest inheritance. While this is a perfect opportunity to realize her dream of building a business around her painting, she wonders what prompted the gift. An unabashed Christmas enthusiast, Chloe hurries to move in and hang Christmas lights before the first winter snow.

Luke Abbot has no regrets, but he would rather keep hidden the troubling truth about his line of work. He has found contentment in his solitary mountain retreat. But his peaceful existence is shaken when a new neighbor arrives. Chloe’s exuberant holiday spirit is like crisp winter air. He would rather come in from the cold. But the sparkle and shimmer of Chloe’s holiday lights are hard to ignore. So is Chloe.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★Rosemary rosiebear Pfeiffer, Vine Voice, Amazon
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“This is my first book from this author. I loved the cover and it looked like a nice story. I was thinking it will probably be a sappy love story, boy was I wrong! Chloe is the main character. She is a strong girl with a good head on her shoulders… This is such a great storyline with wonderful characters! I cant wait to read more from this author.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Emily Pennington, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon
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“This book was very enjoyable with likable characters. The intrigue of a mystery to uncover will keep the reader’s curiosity aroused. The story line is wonderful and the reader can experience the joy of living through Chloe’s eyes as the Christmas spirit attempts to transform their lives.”
Neila F.Line Editor, Red Adept Editing
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"Fans of contemporary romance will love Holiday Hideaway. J.L. Jarvis takes us on a Christmas journey once again in her newest Holiday House novella, set in the snowy mountains. This sweet story of Chloe and Luke's budding relationship will give readers all the warm fuzzies and leave them with the lingering magic of Christmas, no matter what time of year it is."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Jdawn99, Bookbub Reviewer
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The Holiday Hideaway was such a charming little romance. There is something about a small town Christmas that just hits you right in the feels. I could just imagine myself in a cozy little cabin adorned with twinkling lights, amidst the softly falling snow. My idea of heaven! Luke and Chloe get off to a rough start, but they soon realize just how much they are attracted to each other. There are definitely some obstacles for them to overcome in their relationship, but never fear, you will be left with such a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of this book. This book was a joy to read!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Sandy B., Google Books Reviewer
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“A lovely holiday read. A splendid Christmas story with all the best the season has to offer. There is a cozy inn in snow country, characters preparing for the holidays and come on with the name Christmas Tree Inn what’s not to love. In truth it is a little early for me to be reading Christmas themed books so I read this book rather quickly but it is one I will return to this holiday season. The author has given the reader a charming romance with all the magic of Christmas you will love it.”
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Anonymous Customer, Amazon Reviewer
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“This is a super cute and fun holiday read. Right from the start, you get a feel for the holiday and how much Chloe, the main character loves it. The plot is really nice and the book itself is well-written and kept me engaged the whole time. I didn't want to put it down! I definitely recommend giving this a go if you're looking for a holiday romance to wrap up you nice and warm.”