A drenching rain, a dry Scottish pub, and two people who shouldn’t fall in love. 

Olivia’s doctoral dissertation on Scottish folk music is stuck. Ever since her mother died, she’s lost focus. As she struggles to balance her teaching load and boyfriend, her doctoral hopes seem to be slipping away. When a visiting professor from Scotland offers her Edinburgh flat for the semester, Olivia jumps at the chance. Her boyfriend, unwilling to face a semester alone, breaks up with her. She’s wounded, but determined to go. Her career depends on it.

Max tends bar at the Red Rose, a quaint Edinburgh pub that’s been in his family for generations. When, at the end of his first year of university, his father has a stroke, Max quits school to run the pub. With his girlfriend by his side, three years pass. On the night before her graduation, she breaks the news that she’s been accepted to her dream graduate school in London. He shoves a small velvet jewelry box deeper into his pocket, and she leaves the next day.

Two years later, Max’s friends have moved on to the lives they’ve always dreamed of, while he’s still pulling pints in a pub. Then Olivia ducks into the pub to get out of the rain, and everything changes.


My next book, The Red Rose, has a little something to do with Scottish folk songs, so I’ve made a writing playlist. I make one for every book I write, but since this is directly related to the story, I thought I’d share.

For all you ethnomusicologists out there, yes, I know I’ve mixed in some Irish music, but, there’s a lot of overlap between the two. So if I like it, I included it. If you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their music.