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Sometimes destiny waits where you’d least expect to find it — in the arms of a tall, brooding Scotsman.

Burned out in grad school, Olivia Boyd jumps at the chance to spend a semester studying abroad in Edinburgh. There she discovers a city alive with music, history, and attractions—not to mention a brooding barkeep who ignites her interest.

Max Cameron enjoys his life running The Red Rose pub, though his dreams of academia faded long ago. A bit world-weary but still warm-hearted, he finds his structured world upended by the arrival of a spirited American woman.

As Olivia explores Edinburgh’s winding lanes and lively pubs, she begins to let her guard down with Max. But both carry scars from the past and must find the courage to open their hearts to new beginnings.

Sometimes love blooms in the most unexpected places, but with Olivia’s semester abroad ending soon, she and Max face a choice.

Immerse yourself in their journey through Scotland’s charms in this feel-good contemporary romance.


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“Oh wow! I love this book. It was so well written… You won't be disappointed!”
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“…a beautiful and poignant story of loss, hope, love and tradition set in Scotland with a love story along the way.”
Kim H., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing
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"Olivia Boyd goes to Edinburgh ostensibly to finish her dissertation on Scottish folk music, but the journey is really about breaking free of distractions and finding herself again. However, roguish pub owner Max Cameron is the definition of distracting. He embeds himself in her heart as deeply as the melodies she loves. But she has to return to New York at the end of the semester. Will their romance end on a sweet note or a sour one?"

The Red Rose has a little something to do with Scottish folk songs, so I’ve made a writing playlist. I make one for every book I write, but since this is directly related to the story, I thought I’d share. For all you ethnomusicologists out there, yes, I know I’ve mixed in some Irish music, but, there’s a lot of overlap between the two. So if I like it, I included it. If you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their music.