Now Available on Audiobook!

You can now get Work-Crush Balance in audiobook format!

This short story was the perfect project to experiment with digital voice narration. I’m really pleased with the outcome.

I got started down this road because I struggle with horrendous insomnia. Among other things, it has really interfered with my writing. When I’m foggy-headed from lack of sleep, creativity doesn’t happen. One of the strategies I’ve tried is listening to audiobooks. When those aren’t available, I’ve listened to Kindle’s text-to-speech. That sparked my interest in digital narration.

AI-generated narration has become astonishingly realistic. But don’t take my word for it. Click the image above, and listen to the opening of the story.

I am seriously considering creating audiobooks for my contemporary books. At this time, the distribution options are limited. Kobo is the only distribution channel that allows publishing finished audiobooks. (Apple and Google require using their voices and process, which would mean re-creating a different version for each store.) I’m confident more options will open up as AI narration becomes more widely accepted. Until then, I’m happy to distribute through Kobo.

It’s a new and exciting audiobook game. Stay tuned.

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